Members of the executive leadership teams from Shedd Aquarium and the National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium in Pintung, Taiwan sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on November 7, 2011 formally establishing a relationship of professional cooperation and friendship to allow for the exchange of ideas between the two organizations.

Our aquarium is in Chicago, but Shedd’s reach is worldwide. The Daniel P. Haerther Center for Conservation and Research includes the divisions of Global Field Research, On-Site Research, and Conservation Awareness and Action. The center is committed to creating and supporting strong programs that build connections between our animals and their counterparts in the wild.

Global Field Research – Conservation Partners
In the Global Field Research division, Shedd studies the animals and ecosystems of regions reflected in our collection. You’ll find us in our own backyard, monitoring invasive species and halfway around the world, supporting seahorse conservation in the Philippines. The list of projects spans a range of wildlife from tiny juvenile corals to 1-ton beluga whales. We work on coral surveys and restoration in the Caribbean. You’ll find our researchers on the ground in the Bahamas, studying one of the world’s most endangered iguanas.

Results from our work helped expand an existing national park to protect the species. Farther south, we’re working to protect a pristine river habitat in Guyana, South America. Up north in Alaska, Shedd’s scientists help monitor wild beluga populations.

Great Lakes region and Illinois waterways
• Notre Dame University
• Illinois Dept. of Natural Resources
• Illinois Natural History Survey
• Illinois Endangered Species Protection Board
• University of Wisconsin

North America
Beluga Health Assessments
• N.O.A.A. Fisheries
• Alaska SeaLife Center
• Georgia Aquarium
• Alaska Veterinary Pathology Service
• Alaska Pacific University
• NOAA/NMML/Alaska Fisheries Science Center
• University of California, Davis
• Alaska Department of Fish and Game
• Mystic Aquarium and Institute for Exploration

Florida Keys Coral Health and Restoration
• The Florida Aquarium
• Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, NOAA
• Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
• Coral Restoration Foundation
• University of Florida
• University of South Florida
• Mote Marine Laboratory
• Florida Atlantic University
• Nova Southeasten University

Bahamas/Iguana Project
• Bahamas National Trust
• Bahamas Department of Agriculture
• Bahamas Environment, Science, and Technology Commission
• Mississippi State University
• San Diego Zoo

Bahamas/Grouper Surveys and Reef Surveys
• Bahamas National Trust
• Bahamas Department of Marine Resources
• Perry Institute for Marine Science

Puerto Rico and Curacao
• SeCoRe

South America
Karanambu, Guyana/Aquatic Animal Health & Biodiversity
• Karanambu Trust
• Government of Guyana
• University of Guyana
• Amerindian Villages

Seahorse research and conservation
• Project Seahorse
• University of British Columbia
• Zoological Society of London

Shedd Aquarium also has partnerships around the globe that facilitate exchanges of ideas, techniques, and personnel in order to develop the highest standards of husbandry, educational displays and programs, exhibitions and engagement best practices, and to preserve threatened or endangered aquatic species. Among those include:
• National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium/Pintung, Taiwan, R.O.C
• Farglory Ocean Park/Hualien, Taiwan, R.O.C
• Council for Economic Planning and Development, Taiwan, R.O.C

On-Site Research – Conservation Partners
Shedd’s onsite research program pairs our staff expertise, diverse animals and state-of-the-art facilities with the expertise of collaborators from universities, zoos and aquariums, and other scientific organizations. The studies conducted at Shedd offer important information about managing zoo and aquarium animals; they also can provide critical information that helps conserve wild populations.

University of Chicago
• Exploring the effects of climate change on coralline red algae
• Sensory-motor coordination in surfperch (locomotion studies)

Northwestern University
• Understanding the interaction of light and temperature in coral bleaching

Northeastern University
• Evaluating the effects of temperature on Yellow Stingray production

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