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Why your support matters at Shedd

Shedd’s Annual Fund supports the aquarium's daily operations and serves as an endorsement of our work and mission. Your gift funds mission-fulfilling work such as:

Animal Care
Shedd provides superior care to 32,500 animals 365 days a year. Animal care includes serving customized meals to meet the natural nutritional needs of 1,500 species; monitoring water quality around the clock; and providing on-site wellness and critical care in our state-of-the-art veterinary hospital and lab. With the support of our members and donors, Shedd's animal health staff can respond quickly to emerging animal needs, for animals in our care and their counterparts in the wild. That includes Cayucos, an orphaned southern sea otter pup that was rescued from the California coast and now calls Shedd home.

Education and Learning
Engaging classrooms of schoolchildren, sharing close encounters on the floor and providing life-changing field experiences are just a few ways in which the Shedd team facilitates scientific exploration for learners of all ages. At Shedd, we believe that learning changes how you think, what you feel and what you do to protect aquatic life for future generations.

Community Access
Each year, we welcome first responders, educators, military personnel and more than 300,000 schoolchildren free of charge for an incomparable museum experience. Shedd Aquarium is proud to partner with community organizations throughout the state and city to provide affordable access, support charitable causes and educate residents through neighborhood outreach, creating opportunities for everyone to make connections to the living world and be inspired to make a difference.

Conservation and Research
Shedd is recognized as a trailblazer in the field of conservation and research. Through public awareness campaigns, restoration projects, beach cleanups and conversations with local and global policymakers, Shedd works to protect animals and ecosystems in the Great Lakes and in regions worldwide. Questions? Contact

Your charitable support enables us to continue and expand our work in these critical areas. Shedd’s commitment to maintaining animal care, education, community access and conservation has a meaningful and lasting impact in our community, our environment and our world.

Please join us in these efforts!

In one year...

...sea turtle Nickel munches $1,000 worth of lettuce.

Support the Annual Fund.

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